Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 1 - Overnigt stay at Gatwick airport

This was my last day in work and I was due to fly out the following morning with a check-in time of 6:30am, so I left work half day, went home and picked up my belongings. I took a train as it is an easy journey from home via train and arrived at the Premier Inn for my overnight stay. As I had checked in online prior to arriving, I simply went to a kiosk, typed in my details and my key card dropped out, I then proceeded to my room for the night.

I had pre-booked the meal deal which consists of a 3 course dinner and an all you can eat breakfast for £22, in my opinion this was completely worth it. After my meal, I came back to my room watched TV, read a book and then went to bed.

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