Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 2 - Departure to Dubai

This morning I got up, showered and changed, took my suitcases to the Emirates check-in and dropped my bags off, which was such a relief to be able to get rid of them, with Emirates generous luggage allowance of 30kilos, I stupidly decided to take them up on their offer. So, I lugged my main suitcase, along with 2 smaller carry on suitcases, one to check in with the other main suitcase and the other to take on board. It was a straight forward check-in, no queues at this time so once I off-loaded 2 of my cases I then went back to the Premier Inn to grab my breakfast that I had already pre-paid for. This was a great deal and I enjoyed the breakfast very much. I then checked out and proceeded back to the airport which is literally a 2min walk from the hotel.
By the time I went through security I still had about 1.5hrs before departure, so I just browsed the terminal and changed some pounds into Arabic money, the gate number was then called so I decided to take a quick visit to the ladies room. I eventually boarded, stored my carry on suitcase in the locker along with my coat and put my handbag on the ground in the seat in front of me. I then I realised something which was I did not have my camera bag which I was also carrying. One of the cabin crew must of saw the look on my face and asked what the problem was, I told her that I think I have left my camera in the ladies room and if I could possibly check, I figured it was worth asking soon as people was still boarding. The cabin crew lady then made a call to someone and then I was given the go ahead to get off board. I walked to the main doors by passing people who was still trying to get on and get settled and met a ground staff member at the door who then escorted me to the beginning of the gate area, he then said I had 10mins before they would close the doors, so I ran and I ran!! Anyway, as I was approaching the bathrooms, I though to myself "there is no way this camera is going to be here, even if I had left it there", and it wasn't. I then ran back to the plane feeling deflated! It was a recently bought camera and it was the most expensive camera I had purchased, I was just left with one more dilemma which was do I use my Iphone or purchase a newer and better camera, this is because I have recently decided to embark on photography\video production as a hobby and who knows what it may lead to. Anyway, I went back to the plane and the cabin crew seemed genuinely concerned that I did not find my camera. I sat down and was asked to identify my cabin luggage and so was the few people surrounding me...once the crew was satisfied, I buckled up and settled in for take off.

Moving on, 1hr after departure I bent down to get something out of my bag and low and behold there was my camera bag, I just had to smile to myself at my own stupidity and told one of the cabin crew who had expressed a lot of concern before. Several hours into the flight, I thought I would check what footage I could delete of my camera and at that point I realised the camera screen had been damaged to the point it had lines gown down half of the screen and also going along the bottom of the screen, AArrghh!!, it was still working and I guess a damaged working camera is better than a lost one. With the luggage that I had, I guess the camera just got lost amongst them so I had obviously just dropped it on the floor without realising.
I finally arrived in Dubai, went through security which seemed to take a good hour, collected my bags and proceeded to arrivals area where I was expecting to meet a transfer but there was nobody there with my name on a card...(here we go again).... I then decided to bite the bullet and just took a taxi to The Bonnington Jumeriah Lakes hotel which cost 103aed.
I arrived at The Bonnington, checked in and was then shown my room, which was a lovely sort of 1 bedroom apartment.
The Bonnington - Living area from main doorway

The Bonnington - Living area view from bedroom door

The Bonnington -The Bedroom

The Bonnington -Bathroom

The Bonnington -Bathroom

Outside the hotel

I waited for my bags to be sent up and then showered and changed as I had agreed to meet my friend who is from Abu Dhabi in the McGetigans pub which is attached to the hotel. I went down to the McGetitgans where I met my friend and we had a few drinks. After this I went to my bed as the next was going to be a long day.

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