Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 4 in Dubai

Desert Safari - Arabian Adventures

I woke up and literally just wanted to stay in my big, warm comfy bed...and that is exactly what I did! I had pre-booked the desert safari trip with Arabian Adventures and they was due to pick me up at 14:30pm, so I just decided to just relax in the hotel and then later on took a swim on one of the upper level floors.
The pick up was on time and I was the 2nd person to be collected, there was already another passenger in there from Paris, France who was also a solo traveller. After we introduced ourselves we drove along when we picked up another 2 couples, one of the couples was from Austria, they was very friendly and great to speak to, especially as this couple and the French guy spoke great English. After driving some more we then turned into the desert and our car pulled up to let the air out of the tyres so that the car would be able to do its thing when it came to the dune bashing. There were lots of other Arabian Adventure cars there doing the same.
After the tyres had been let down, we proceeded onto the Falcon show. I did not find this very exciting but we also had a picture taken with the camel but they had to take the pictures which you then had to purchase. We then moved on again for the sunset picture, but the weather was quite windy and cloudy so not the greatest picture. At this point, we then proceeded to the camp where we would spend the rest of the evening eating, drinking and watching the belly dancer. The French guy and  myself found a convenient spot near to where the belly dancer would perform and also near to the food and drink stands. It was unlimited food and drinks all night, drinks consisting of  wines, beers and soft drinks. The camp staff announced when it was time to collect the food and there was a stampede so myself and Paris guy decided to wait until the queue calmed down. We eventually got our food and then the belly dancer came out, very pretty and petite lady dancing along with the music and she had a great crowd support with lots of cheering and clapping. By 19:50pm. it was over and they announced they would turn off the lights so we can do some star gazing, but as I could only see the moon I decided to get a head start to the ladies room before everybody else. Once we all got back into the car to be dropped off, I noticed that a few of the passengers moods had sparked up a bit somewhat...a lot of laughter and talk amongst the Austrians, French and myself the Brit. Fantastic day and I would do it all over again.!!
Arabian Adventures car


approaching sunset

Approaching sunset

Camp site

Camp site

Belly dancer


By the end of this day, I had collected so much sand in my trainer I felt as though I had a sand dune in  my shoe and by the time I got back to my hotel, outside I decided to empty it in the bin and I was stupid to do so because of the wind all this sand went flying into some poor woman's face who just happened to appear from around the corner, luckily she took it well. Apparently that same day, the sky was brown because of the strong winds.
Desert Safari video link

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