Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 5 in Dubai

Seawings Tour

After an early night last night, I woke early as I had a pretty much full on day. I was due to fly to Bangkok that same night with a departure time of 23:10pm, but as I would be out during the day this also meant that I had to pack my stuff and check out of my room at The Bonnington. On this particular day, I had a Seawings tour booked for 11am, planned to visit the Souks and I also had afternoon tea booked at The Junsui in The Burj Al Arab for 4pm.
After I had showered, changed and packed, I called reception to arrange for them to collect my bags so I could be in the lobby by 9:45am as this was when Seawings was due to pick me up. I waited in the lobby and by 10:15am as nobody had turned up,  I asked reception to call them and it was then that they advised the flight had been delayed by an hour so my pickup was to come at 10:45am instead. I am an easy going person pretty much all of the time but at the price I paid for this trip I would of expected them to get a call or email to me as they had emailed the day before to confirm the booking and plus this meant I would loose an hour of my day. Anyway, there was not much I could do about it other than wait for the driver who eventually came and collected me at 10:45am. We arrived at the Jebel Ali Golf resort where we was due to depart from and because we was super early, I had to walk around a kill time though there was not much walking that I could do other than people watch the golfers on their buggies. Finally, we was called to the buggy to take us to the seaplane.

The route
The Burj Al Arab

The Palm

The World Islands

The World Islands

A developed Island

A partial view of The Burj Khalifa

This was a 1st time experience for me taking a Seaplane and I am glad I chose to do it especially in Dubai with all their amazing buildings. It was just a shame that the day was quite cloudy and there was a bit of turbulence which is why I guess the flight had initially been delayed. Would I do it again, no but I am glad that I did it and would recommend to those who can to give it a try.
Video link to the Seawings tour

The Souks

After the Seaplane trip, as I had a 2 way transfer, my plan was next to go to the Souks so I was supposed to ask them to drop me off at the creek where the Abra crosses but instead I said Dubai Creek which is where Seawings other branch was and for them it was not a problem as they had to drop one of their staff members there. Once, I got there I looked around and asked "where's the creek with the Abras", anyway, at this point I realised I had stupidly given them the wrong name and so I had to get a taxi to the Gold Souks, this annoyed me a bit although it was my own fault but it meant I was quickly running out of time and I was still yet to cross over on the Abra. I didn't have much time at the Souks at all, maybe an hour or so but I think it was enough to get a taste of it though an hour longer would of been sufficient enough for me, but this means I have to visit again the next time I come to Dubai.
The Abra

Gold Souk

Burj Al Arab

Once I got to the other side, I took a taxi to the Burj Al Arab for my afternoon tea, I got to the hotel at about 3:40pm so had a little time to browse and stop and stare at the decor. When I arrived there was many taxis outside which made me feel a bit more with the crowd as I too turned up in a regular taxi, although I am sure most of the people outside was staying at the hotel as opposed to me who can only afford afternoon tea! Again, this was to be a one of treat to myself.
The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel which stands at 321m (1,053ft) and it is the 4th tallest hotel in the world. It stands on an artificial island which is 280m from Jumeirah beach and connects to the mainland by a private curving bridge. It is shaped similar to the sail of a ship and is referred to as "the worlds only 7-star hotel".

The Entrance

Going up the escalator

Looking up

Rodeo Drive

Lift doors to go down 1 floor

Walkway to The Junsui

My table and view

                                         The Burj Khalfia in the distance if you look hard enough.

Addictive crackers with various dips - Liked A lot!

Crispy Wasabi Calamari Ring on Garl Ginger and Cristal Tobiko 
(Deep Fried Calamari, Wasabi, Sesame Seeds, Spring Onion) 

Liked A lot, though the ginger was quite apparent

Sushi Prawn Tempura Avocado Maki Roll 
(Japanese Style Deep Fried Battered Prawn)

This was fine

Indonesian Satay Bakar with Peanut Sauce (Chicken and Beef) 
(Indonesian Style Chicken and Beef Satay)

Very nice

Steamed Cantonese Dim Sum served with Soy Sauce - 
(Har Gao, Siew Mai and Vegetable Dumpling)

I discovered I am not a fan of Dim Sum

Pan Fried Radish Cake, Scrambled Egg with Xo Sauce
(Shitake Mushroom, Prawn and Chilli Sauce)

Could not stand this at all.

Crispy Banana Tempura with Green Tea Ice Cream served with Chocolate Sauce
(Chocolate, Almond Flakes, Fried Tempura Banana and Milk)

DELICIOUS but stuffed by now!

I also had a few glasses of Ice Tea, my favourite being the Jangsu with is described as (Life and Beauty infused herbal tea, cucumber syrup and lemon juice. Also the Apple Fantasy which is Apple fantasy tea, apple syrup with Lemon Juice.

The bathroom

Ceiling in the waiting area - Off course it is one of the most expensive in the world $1m Swarovski Crystals.


The base of the hotel

Jumeriah Beach Hotel

After the meal, I walked back out across the bridge and went to the taxi queue to get a taxi back to my hotel. Once there, I got my luggage and went up to the gym area and showered and changed, I had an hour to kill before my transfer and then finally made my way to Dubai airport to get my 11pm
flight to Bangkok. 
Video link to more pictures at The Junsui at Burj Al Arab
Video link to 3 days in Dubai
Departure to Bangkok
Whilst at the airport, I did a bit of browsing on cameras, now I was not going to buy one in Dubai airport but just wanted to check out the functions on the latest cameras and also get an idea of price. I was still in a dilemma weather to buy a new camera, stick with the current camera with the annoying lines or use my Iphone! Time quickly passed and then we was called to the departure gates. When I had previously checked in online earlier that morning, I had changed my seat to a row where it was empty so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it stayed that way. Boarded, stored my luggage, this time I had my camera in the carry on luggage, and sat down. It wasn't a full flight so before I knew it the doors was closing so I smiled sweetly to myself as it appeared that I had the window seat with the other 2 seats free, this was good enough for me and my 5ft2.5inch self. As we took off, I quickly started to browse the films and sitcoms, my plan was to put something on the screen with the headphones until I dozed off. My plan didn't go very well, because 30mins after take off, I noticed a slight figure about to sit down in the aisle seat in my row. As he sat, I looked at him and then he looked at me, crossed his legs, then bowed is head and smiled at me, I then returned the smile but instantly thought this is going to be an interesting flight. Soon after we started chatting, turns out he comes from Bangkok but works in Dubai, we spoke for a few hours and eventually I put my headphones back on and tried to watch a movie, my new friend however wanted to continue chatting. I dozed off at some point and then he must of woken me to ask me if I want to be woken when breakfast comes, I said "yes, please", I dozed off again and I was woken up again some time later by my new companion for drinks as he was going to get one for himself, it was at that point I decided to join him as I figured I would not get much sleep with my new companion.

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