Friday, 22 November 2013

Day 8 - In Bangkok

Floating Market, Tiger Temple and River Kwai Bridge

I had an early pickup at 6:20am to do the floating river market, river Kwai and the Tiger Temple. I had set my alarm for 5:30am, and by 5:40am, I received a call from We Tour Thailand advising me to be in the lobby at 6:10am....10mins makes all the difference at this time of the blinking morning. The driver was on time and so was I more to the point and I was also the first pickup. After we picked up the other guests which took a good 1.5-2hrs due to Bangkok traffic we  then made our way out of Bangkok city.
The First stop was the Floating Market which was great fun and would certainly do this all over again, absolute chaos, so many boats along the river, clashing into each other whilst the market stall holders hurl you in with their sticks and hook so you can take a close up view of their goods.

After 30mins along the river, we then went back to the bank where we could shop some more, it was here I brought a couple of bits for family members. After the Floating Market we moved on to see the Elephants where some people rode on them, I was not interested in this as I have ridden one before in India and on a tour in Phuket. Some other guests also did not bother with the Elephant ride so our tour guide who was constantly rushing us and putting a 2min time frame on everything so I named him "Mr quick, quick, 2min man", suggested that we go to a snake show, as most of the other people were going to go to kill time and save us waiting for the Elephant rides to finish, Snakes do creep my out but figured I would go with the flow. We drove about 10mins before we arrived at the show, and it was here that I realised that you had to pay to go in, it was only 200bht but that was not the point. The guide from We Tour Thailand "Mr quick, quick 2 min man" was by now starting to get on my nerves with his rushing around and blatant lies, he actually said to me when I was contemplating going into the Snake show that his previous guests had said it is "the best show they have ever seen".....absolute rubbish!! I just paid the money and went in and what a joke it was, I also did not like the way the Snakes were being spun around and grabbed and thrown from one place to another.

After the Snake show "Mr quick, quick 2 min man" rushed us on again to the van where the other guests from the Elephant show had been waiting, we drove on further and the group separated depending on what tour you had booked. After we was in our new groups we stopped for a spot of lunch. It was average to say the least, and after here we drove on for about another 1hr to The Tiger Temple. We spent about 20mins here, queuing and being led from one tiger to another snapping pictures, after which I realised was time to move on to the next stop so we did not even have time to feed the baby cubs which I had really been looking forward to.

Initially, I had wanted to do the VIP morning tour as people seem to have different reviews from when they visit in the afternoon, but due to the cost I decided against it. I have no idea if these Tigers are drugged but what I do know is that they were pretty lifeless some more than others, I am not sure when you are able to lift up any Tigers head from off the ground and simply place it into someone's lap without the Tiger literally biting your head off!!, but what do I know. 
Once we left Tiger Temple we drove on for about 40mins when we arrived at The River Kwai Bridge. We all got out of the bus and that's when Mr quick, quick 2 min man said we have 10mins, by this time everybody had really had enough of him so we decided to just take our time, think we stayed about 30mins on the bridge and never got to see the cemetery where the 7000 POW are buried. 

By the time we left it was roughly 5:30pm, and we got back to Bangkok city at about 7:30pm, I had met another lady on this trip from New York so we decided to get something to eat before we would say our good byes, we thought we would try the Sky view bar but that didn't go according to plan, me because of my flip flops and my new NY new friend because of her shorts. I did not even think of there being a dress code, Oh well, you live and you learn so in the end we just found a decent restaurant and had something to eat and a local Singha beer before we said our goodbyes as I was moving on the next day to Phuket.
Video link to the floating market

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