Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 7- In Bangkok

The next morning, my plan had been to go to The Temples and on the way back do the Klongs. So, I showered and changed and went to Asok BTS, bought my ticket and changed at Siam to get the connecting train to Sathorn Pier to get the boat to the Pier. As I waited for the 2nd train, I suddenly felt tired so I turned right back around and went back to the hotel. I then partially slept\relaxed until 2pm when I suddenly felt awake again. I done a quick Google search to find out what time The Temples closed and figured I had time. I started my journey once again, heading to Asok BTS, taking the train to Siam, then getting another train to Sathorn Pier and get the boat. Once I arrived at Sathorn Pier it was quite hectic and there was 2 queues, the queue on the left had definitely been there the longest as most of the people in the queue had been there when I arrived at Sathorn Pier, I somehow got pushed into the queue on the right and thankfully when the boat came, the lady at the Pier let the rope down for my queue so we all piled on the boat, the people in the left queue also let their rope down and some of them managed to board until the lady realised and then quickly put the rope for there queue back up again, to which this caused some complaints to put it mildly. The boat was an experience itself, going from 1 stop to the next with the breeze, I would of been happy staying on the boat and just going with the flow. We eventually arrived at the stop for The Grand Palace and I followed the useful directions which was posted on Trip Advisor to get to the temple itself, plus you could also just follow all of the other tourists.

Fellows, please wear appropriate clothing if not you will be force to wear these Elephant pants!!

The palace was beautiful but as time was moving fast, I did not spend very long here, I had also wanted to go the other 2 temples but decided to give this a miss as I really wanted to do The Klongs, so I went back to the boat stop and took it to another stop which was a good ride away, this was where I was to hire the long tail boat and the man would take me along The Klongs for 500bht. As I had not realised how long it would take to get there, by the time I got there it was already 16:30pm so it soon started to get dark. I sort of regret doing The Klongs now but only because I didn't go on the Chao Praya dinner cruise because I wanted to do The Klongs instead and it was dark, so my regret is that it wasn't earlier but I will return to Bangkok and do it again at a sensible time and also do the temples all over again.
Long Tail boat

Along the Klongs

Along the Klongs

Along the Klongs

Along the Klongs

The Klongs tour lasted about an hour, after which I went back to the boat river stop to wait for the boat to take me back to Sathorn Pier.

On the boat going back to Sathorn Pier.
After I got to Sathorn Pier, I took the train to Siam and decided to pop into the cinema as Catching Fire -Hunger Games had been released the day before and I wanted to inquire how much it would cost to get the VIP treatment, this VIP treatment apparently consists of blankets, popcorn, refillable drinks and reclining seats, anyway the answer was 3000bht as they only charge per couple and not individually, so I gave this a miss!! I then headed back to Asok with the plan of eating in Terminal 21 as it was now getting quite late, came to realise Terminal 21 had already closed so I ended up having the most cultured and tastiest food ever....wait for it..McDonalds, after this I went back to the hotel as I had an early start the next day.

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I loved the temples, they were so beautiful! I'm actually jealous you tried McDonald's in Thailand...I never got round to it lol.

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