Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 4 - New York 2015

Day 4

OK, so this was actually Wednesday, it is now Friday.

My day started off with a tour of Greenwich Village which was with Foods of New York.I was running a little bit late but managed to catch up with the group. It was 3 hours and we visited Joe's pizza, O & Co olive oil shop,Faicco Italian, Rafeles, Milk and cookies, Murrrys cheese shope and Roccos. The tour guide was great, her name was Maria and she was full of energy. The group consisted of one lady from Boston, couple from Amsterdam and the majority was from Australia There is a lot of Australians here. I usually bump in to you guys in Thailand or another part of South-East Asia. Your obviously committed to New York because I know your journey is not quick and easy like us from the UK.

It was a rainy day and I think it went on all day long so I had initially planned to stroll around after but decided to come back to the hotel for my daily rest.

I then went to a Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks. It was amazing!!!!! I had so much fun. The game was equal pretty much and there is such an amazing vibe there. They have regular little breaks and there was people in the stadium dancing in their seats to get on the big screen, they threw t-shirts into the crowd and lots of entertainment on the center court during the breaks. My section was boring so we did not make it onto the big screen, in fact I think i was the most hyped up person in our section and I tried my hardest. There was a family a couple of seats away from me and two of them spent majority of the time staring at their phones....why spend money to go to a game and not watch it!!I I had a couple of Brandy's  and I had I think will be my best night in New York! I think I may even start to watch Basketball. I will not tell you who won as you will see it from the pics but by the end in overtime I had a headache from the screaming and shouting (from me) and it sounded like my English accent was on top of all the other voices. I had a few looks with smiles on their faces when they looked up at me so I think I was  a bit loud. If you go to NY, please try and go to the game regardless if it is your sport or not as it is just an awesome atmosphere.

I then jumped on the Q and headed back to the hotel and decided to pop over the road to a bar. I sat at the actual bar, ended up talking to a Canadian doctor who lives here now, I was asked to move my seat up a bit to make more room for people and for obliging the security guy brought me a drink. I then happened to mention it was my birthday and a another round or two came my way plus a couple of shots. The bar is literally across the road so I did not have any concerns about getting home. I think it was one my best birthdays ever...even though I was by myself, it did not feel like it!

I have not spelt checked this so excuse me for any spelling mistakes.

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