Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 1 - New York 2015

Day 1
My day started when the cab picked me up from the Heathrow based hotel. I had used all of my miles for this trip and decided to treat myself to an upgrade. I arrived at the Virgin drive through check-in, I was greeted by two members of staff who gave me boarding pass, tagged my bag and checked me in. I then went through security and within 10mins I was in the Virgin lounge. Had some breakfast, had Shellac on my nails for the first time and a couple of the Virgin signature cocktails. I had 5 hours in the lounge but in my opinion other than the freebies I was a bit bored....people watching was not very exciting!
Flight left on time, food was God and I had Duck Terraine for the first time. We landed on time, got to customs, queued for a while only for the agent to suddenly leave for his break or to go home. That meant that the rest of us had to queue up again BUT from scratch! They would not even allow us to join an already formed queue which is annoying! I ended up getting a taxi as I did not get to read the responses on here due to no data and arrived at the Westhouse at roughly 7:30pm. I took my luggage up, Although I was offered help and was back outside by 8:15pm.
I walked to the end of the block and there was a homeless man, he obviously knew I was a tourist and he offered to give me directions. I ended up standing on the corner of the street chatting to Bret for about 20mins. He was lovely, he told me his issues and said he wanted to get to Conneticut to visit his Dad for the Xmas holidays. I saw one local give him money and two tourists, one of which was a little girl with her dad, she handed him a paper bag the type from a shopping mall and the other person gave hi a $20 note! It nearly brought tears to my eyes seeing how helpful some people was. I unfortunately did not have anything worthwhile to give him but he assured me he is there every evening so hopefully that was my first of many interactions with him.
I then moved on to M&M's world, do they not sell them by the packets?? After that I popped into Superdry, I will be going back as I only walked half of one floor.
I went back to the hotel and decided to make use of my daily $35 fee and had a Stella at which point an Austrailian lady started to talk to me as she had heard my accent. She mentioned that her partner had just proposed to her and I ended up spending the next 2 hours with them...they assured me I was not gate crashing:). We drank Champaigne and then popped across the road to eat, but by then I was starting to get tired! I then left them and came back to the hotel to sleep.
It is now 5:30am and I am already awake....no pics taken so no link. Have a long, long day ahead so hopefully a bit more exciting.